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China Medical Laser Therapy High power class IV therapeutic laser system The diode laser pain treatment therapeutic system is the latest Class IV laser available in the medical marketplace nowadays. With many years of experience of the Class 4 laser technology development ,it is now the most advanced one in the market , It includes the optimal range of wavelengths, with interchangeable hand piece optics, this laser is able to be used to perform in physiotherapy ,dentistry, dermatology, endovenous laser treatment (EVLT), ENT, PLDD, DEEP Tissue Therapy, podiatry, hemorrhoids and so on. Video Specifications of technical Product ModelCureLight F2CureLight F3CureLight F4 Laser TypeGaAIAs Diode Laser Wavelength combinations630,810 /980/1064 Nanometer Maximum Power300mw+30W300mw+30W+30W300mw+15W+15W+15W Operation ModeContinue wave , Repeat Pulse, ISP Pulse Duration10 - 90% Frequencies1 - 20000 Hz Pilot BeamRed Diode Laser of 630nm, Power5mW Control Mode10.1鈥淭rue Color Touch Screen with Android Operating System Wifi upgrade software鈭?/p Transmission SystemMedical Fibers With SMA905 Connector Dimensions (cm)27.5(L) x 28.3(W) x 18.6(H) Safety Goggles2 Pairs Weight7Kg MORE THAN 80% OF YOUR PATIENTS WILL BENEFIT FROM PHOMED LASER THERAPY INCREASED EFFICACYDELIVERING BETTER RESULTSAND STRONGER COMPLIANCE SHORTEST TREATMENT TIME FOR BETTER IMPLEMENTATION ROIATTRACTIVE RETURN ONYOUR INVESTMEN Advantages: 1.Main manufacturer of the class 4 laser therapy instruments with 17 years of experience on Research and development production , stable quality and attractive price ,professional training team. Good aftermarket . 2.Model and Specification We offer a comprehensive range of product models.Different models have advantages in performance and price respectively. 3.Providing customization to satisfy your requirements . 4. Intelligent Software Upgrade The ability to upgrade your laser for future software updates through the SD card without the need to send the laser back to the manufacturer, this feature protects your laser from becoming obsolete, and maintains its role as a treatment partner. The origin of high-intensity laser therapy In recent years, laser technology has been widely used in the medical field, and its efficacy has been continuously confirmed since the emergence of laser therapy in the 1960s. Through animal studies, Franca et al. found that laser irradiation therapy can reduce the inflammatory response of refractory ulcers and promote wound healing. Subsequently, more and more researchers have discovered the important role of laser therapy in clinical practice. Laser equipment used for basic medical research and clinical medical treatment can be divided into three categories: high, medium and low according to the energy, among which low-energy laser is the most commonly used. Low-level laser therapy (LLLT), also known as photobiomodulation therapy, mainly uses low-intensity light radiation to act on the lesion tissue or monolayer cells to cause non-destructive biological responses to achieve therapeutic effects. At present, low-energy laser therapy is commonly used clinically in the infrared to near-infrared wavelength range of 630 to 1000 nm, which produces less thermal effect. Its therapeutic mechanisms include inhibiting inflammation, regulating osteoblast and osteoclast activity, and promoting fibroblasts. The release of proliferation and growth factors promotes damage repair; at the same time, it can also promote muscle regeneration by regulating the gene expression of muscle transcription factors and sarcoplasmic proteins, and achieve the effect of reducing muscle fatigue, so the indications are very wide. In recent years, on the basis of low-energy laser therapy, high-energy laser therapy (HILT) has emerged as the times require. Its clinical application power exceeds 500mW and can be as high as 60W, so it belongs to class IV laser, which is different from conventional low-energy lasers. Class IIIB lasers used in therapy. Main related applications. Acupuncture Chropractic Dental Hair removal Lipodissolve Pain therapy Physiotherapy Varicosit therapy Veterinary therapy The package Shipping We provide customized suitcase to provide a good protection for the machine, and using the carton to protect the suitcase . Quick delivery with DHL ,FEDEX ,UPS,TNT, For the mass order also be able to delivery by sea freight and air freight ! FAQ: Q1:Are there any risks associated with high-energy laser therapy? A:High-energy laser treatment is safe. However, to ensure safety, safety measures should be followed. High-energy lasers can cause eye damage (even with eyes closed), so it is essential that both patients and therapists wear protective goggles. Because high-energy laser treatment is a high-power operation, it is necessary to constantly ask patients how they feel during the treatment, and make adjustments according to patients' feelings. Q2:Is the treatment process painful? A:One of the advantages of high-energy lasers is that they are completely painless. The therapist moves the probe along the surface of the skin in a scanning or spiral motion, touching the surface of the skin or treating above the treatment area, performing the same motion in a non-contact manner. Q3:Will the high power laser burning the skin ? A:High energy laser burns are rare because the procedure is mobile, where the probe is constantly moved over the surface of the skin. In the pulsed mode, there is almost no heat sensation. In continuous (biological stimulation) mode, the prespecified treatment program is safe. To be safe, start with a low energy value and increase it as needed. Therapists and doctors operating high-energy lasers must be highly trained professionals. Q4:How many times treatments can see the effects ? A:The number of treatments is determined based on the indication, severity, and how the patient's body responds to the treatment. Therefore, the number of treatments is between 3 and 15, and more in severe cases. Please contact your therapist/physician to ask about the number of sessions you need. Q5:How often do I need treatment? A:The usual number of treatments is 2-5 times a week. The therapist sets the number of sessions so that the sessions are most effective and best suited to the patient's schedule. Q6:Are there any side effects ? A:The treatment has no side effects. There may be a slight erythema in the treated area after treatment, which disappears within a few hours of treatment. Q7:Is high energy laser treatment addictive? A:No, unlike painkillers, it's not addictive. Q8:Is there a limit to the number of treatments? A:No, there's no limit to the number of sessions, because the sessions are non-addictive. It is up to the therapist to decide whether the patient needs more treatment or whether the treatment is ineffective and needs to be switched to another therapy.China Medical Laser Therapy website: