Guide to the first sorcery vendor in the Elden Ring as well as the boss of the Mad Pumpkin Head

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This guide will help you find your way to Sellen, the first Sorcery vendor in Elden Ring, by guiding you through the exploration of the Waypoint Ruins and the defeat of the Pumpkin Head Boss. Sellen is located in Elden Ring.

This guide will help you find your way to Sellen, the first Sorcery vendor in Elden Ring, by guiding you through the exploration of the Waypoint Ruins and the defeat of the Pumpkin Head Boss. Sellen is located in Elden Ring.


Where in Elden Ring specifically can I find the Sorcery vendor, Sellen?

In the Waypoint Ruins, the area with the foes that look like pink flowers, you'll find the very first Sorcery vendor and instructor. Proceed past the Birdseye Telescope and cross the bridge with the horseman as you make your way towards the black caravan that is transporting the Great Axe from Agheel Lake in North Grace. You should see Waypoint Ruins on your left. When you first enter the Waypoint Ruins, you should walk in the direction of the large pink flower, but you should immediately make a U-turn when you reach the two smaller flowers that act as barriers. You can choose to either vanquish them or just steer clear of them entirely at this point. I would suggest that you ignore the large flower because you will need to defeat a mini-boss before you are able to access the vendor. Ignoring the flower will help you avoid unnecessary trouble. You will save time if you do not bother to look at the flower.

As soon as you pass the wall on the left, immediately afterward, you should make another U-turn in the direction of the wrecked building where the torch is located. These rays of light can be seen in the image that is directly above it, and they have taken the place of the two little flower enemies that were in the image that came before it. At the bottom of the stairs, you'll find a golden fog wall; once you break through it, the boss, the Mad Pumpkin Head, will be waiting for you inside.

Defeat the boss known as the Mad Pumpkin Head by following these steps

Due to the fact that buy PS Elden Ring Runes does not have a particularly large number of attacks as a full boss, the battle against Mad Pumpkin Head is not overly difficult. The red meter that can be found directly above the boss's health bar provides an indication of the amount of bleed damage that is inflicted by his flail.

If you are unaware of this fact already, the status effect of bleeding will deal a devastating blow once the entire bar has been filled. In contrast to this, poison deals damage over a significantly longer period of time. This type of damage is referred to as damage over time (DoT for short). It is essential to stop the progress bar from reaching its full value, but PS Elden Ring Runes for sale is likely that the game will end before this can be accomplished.

Wait for it... the pumpkin head itself is what sets apart the Mad Pumpkin Head from other pumpkin heads! This helmet appears to be more resistant to the effects of magic damage than mage build elden ring is to the effects of physical damage, as  reduces the amount of damage that he takes by a significant amount and reduces the amount of damage that he takes by a significant amount. This fight is not particularly difficult if you stick to using melee attacks. Because of the enormous pumpkin head that he is currently wearing, your capacity to cast spells is going to be significantly reduced as a result.

If you keep throwing Glintstone Pebbles at him, you should be able to take him down even if some of them hit his helmet. This is due to the fact that he does not have very much health. However, it will take some time before you can significantly weaken him, which means that you will need to avoid more of his attacks. Even if they hit him in the head with his helmet, you can still win. If you are successful in striking his body rather than his head, the full amount of damage that your spells are capable of inflicting will be dealt. His physical being is extraordinarily vulnerable to injury.

Instead of wasting opportunities to hit him in the head, I think Elden Ring Items PS4 would be in your best interest to focus on getting juicy body shots in whenever you have the chance, rather than wasting openings to hit him in the chest or the face. If you are successful in striking him two or three times, the overall damage that you inflict will be approximately one third or one half of what it would be if you were to hit him in the body.

Wait until he has finished his flurry and is not winding up another swing before drinking or attacking him. This will ensure that you do not get hit in the face. His actual attacks are all pretty much the same; he just swings his flail around a number of times, usually more than once. In this particular circumstance, it is best to roll backwards while also moving to the side. Rolling to the side is the best way to get some body shots in, but buy Elden Ring runes is a little riskier because you will be closer to his flail when you do it. If you want to get some body shots in, rolling to the side is the best way to do it. At the entrance to the ruins, there is a sign that directs visitors to a cooperative summoning party, which can be of assistance to you in the event that you require additional help.

a sorceress or a warlockSellen was the first person to engage in the business of selling magical goods.

In Elden Ring, the first sorcery vendor and merchant, Sellen, can be found in a room that is situated directly behind the arena in which the boss fights take place. There are a total of six different sorceries that Sellen is able to teach you or sell to you; however, if you started out in the magical world as an Astrologer like I did, you will already be familiar with two of those sorceries. In addition, the Scholar's Shield and Armament are two more sorceries that might not be useful to you, but they might be useful to you if you aren't a Sorcerer.

Sorceress Sellen is currently selling the following varieties of sorceries for those who are interested in making a purchase from her:

  • Glintstone Pebble – 1000 Runes

  • Glintstone Stars – 3000 Runes

  • Glintstone Arc – 1500 Runes

  • The casting of the Crystal Barrage will cost you 1,500 Runes

  • There is a value of three thousand Elden Ring Items PC attached to the Scholar's Armament

  • The Scholar's Shield can be purchased for a total of 2500 Runes


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